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was founded in 2007 as a strategic communications development company. Working with various clients on communication projects helped single out 3D digital signage as a new market with tremendous growth potential in various industries. Since the inception of Dmedia, its product range has gained strength and momentum by exhibiting at various industry tradeshows in order to reach top corporate decision Makers.

Dmedia 3D digital signage software offers customization, speed and flexibility - anywhere, anytime to businesses seeking 3D digital signage systems.

Dmedia systems will captivate your audience with fresh, demographic specific digital content when and where you want it. 3DDigital signage is effective for any industry including: In-Store, Services, Hospitality or Public Spaces.

Dmedia has a talented team of 3D Animators, Creative Directors and Storyboard Artists to undertake projects for Broadcast, Internet, Corporate, Medical, Architectural and Volumetric applications. Our experienced team of 3D animators and our vast pool of talented artists provide us the flexibility to undertake diverse projects of any size and complexity.

We generally partner with other 3D production houses, technology companies, advertising and web design firms, and corporate companies to provide our 3D content creation services. Dmedia’s creative directors and storyboard artists can assist right from the concept development and pre-production stage until the final rendering of the projects.

Dmedia Consultation:
Dmedia highly-skilled consultants provide specialized on-site or online assistance with 3D screens, content creation, planning, management, and technical support, and ensure that the project is completed within the given budget and deadline.
For larger projects, or when cost is a primary concern, 3DM can dramatically reduce the cost of 3D content creation through its partnerships with reputed animation companies abroad.

Dmedia is a high-end 3D platforms and production company, and our expertise is in emerging 3D technologies for the entertainment and corporate sectors.

affiliates are 3D production companies, post houses, advertising agencies, web design firms, technology companies, and corporations who are seeking to introduce new technologies to their clients. and need assistance with executing 3D animation projects.

3DM's experienced team of 3D Animators, Creative Directors and Storyboard Artists can help to undertake projects for Corporate, Architectural, Medical and Holographic applications.

partners with its affiliates to produce top-quality 3D content at the most competitive rates using the latest 3D software and Dmedia proprietary production methodology.

Today’s audiences are bombarded with messages. How are you going to get them to respond to yours?

Dmedia creates effective marketing through compelling and powerful creative story telling. From In-store networks, hospitality and service industry to events, conventions and fairs, our works cover the gamut. Whether you need to launch a new brand, or enhance an existing one, find or row an audience, or impact decisions at the moment of purchase, Dmedia will create a message that captures eyes and mind.

Digital Signage - 3D digital signage is an emerging industry, it is fast approaching ubiquity in our everyday life. Dmedia is aiming to be at the forefront of the high-impact medium of 3D digital signage, also known as Retail TV, Electronic Billboards, Dynamic Digital Signs, Narrowcasting, Data casting, Electronic Display Networks, Digital In-Store Merchandising, Out-of-Home Media Networks, Employee TV, Captive Audience Networks, or Digital Media Networks. No matter your needs, Dmedia has the digital signage software that will bring your digital signs to life.



The first retail establishments to recognize the benefits of digital signage were grocery stores. Large mega-marts like Tesco in the UK and NorgesGruppen in Norway have installed thousands of screens in their stores. The recognized benefit of digital signage is the ability to focus their advertising on the customer in the store.

Dmedia enables store owners to install channels of 3D digital signage displays that deliver specific departmental advertising focused on the customer at the critical last mile of the buying decision, the point-of-purchase. In-store TV channels are controlled from a central location either at the store or at the corporate headquarters.

Ad content reflects the changes necessary to meet the demands of weekly, daily or even hourly sales campaigns. Dmedia 3D platforms can be integrated into the store's pricing database, to update pricing in real-time. RFIDs are applied to products and integrated into the 3D digital signage facilitating the display of a focused brand MESSAGE to the RIGHT customer at the RIGHT time in the RIGHT location.


Hotels, Casinos, Cruise Ships and Resorts around the world have embraced 2D digital signage. The future is 3D for creating the WOW factor. Assisting tourists acquire the information they need to realize their vacation experience has become a major industry.

Dmedia now provides end-to-end functionality for interactive kiosks to serve as virtual concierges in hotel lobbies providing dinner reservations, directions, activity schedules, and ticket reservations for hotel guests. Large flat-screen 3D displays provide business executives information on meeting rooms and schedules. In-room screens display branded advertising for hotel amenities including restaurants, spas, and fitness centers. Interactive gaming instruction helps guests learn how to enjoy their time in the hotels. Cruise ships post information messages for their guests, display restaurant menus and provide interactive reservations for shipboard amenities.

The next time you and your family go on vacation at a resort hotel, win your next big jackpot on the Casino floor or sail the ocean on a cruise ship look for our display screens and interactive kiosks that make your vacation experience pleasant; they have become part of the hospitality landscape.

Interactive kiosks for directions and reservations
Resort hotel amenities
Schedules for business meetings

Recognized in the industry as the "holy grail" for the Digital Signage industry, Retail 3DDS has a proven track record of success for Point-of-Sale, In-store TV, Quick Service Restaurants, C-Stores, Grocery Stores, Banks and Shopping Mall applications.

Dmedia provides a complete end-to-end digital signage platform for Retail applications. The Dmedia platform facilitates the entire digital signage solution from content creation to in-store display, even for large-scale deployments, allowing brand advertisers and retailers to focus on delivering the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time. Combine the latest Retail Industry technologies, including RFID, pricing databases and audience recognition, with Dmedia and you can deliver your focused message to your customer real-time.


With the introduction of new technologies such as DVRs, TiVo and satellite radio, audiences are gaining more control over the messages they see. Advertisers are looking in-store for a solution. In-Store 3D Digital Signage is it! The in-store environment is a proven selling environment - getting your messages to customers at the point where purchase decisions are being made. Yet many retailers find that using printed POP materials bring about another set of challenges such as compliance issues. In-Store Digital signage is fast becoming the key to the marketing puzzle, eliminating printing costs, shipping costs and compliance issues while displaying a more compelling and effective message. Dmedia in-store digital signage will bring your message to your target audience in an influential format that is cost effective and affordable.
Retail store advertising Make waiting time a pleasurable experience!

The service industry consists of a wide range of different facilities offering an array of services. From government offices, airports, banks and healthcare facilities to salons and real estate offices, each have waiting areas for clients. By replacing the standard waiting room brochures with digital signage these companies are able to eliminate much of the need for printed information. They can also use our Database Client software to pull up appointment times and meeting room calendars or put displays in rooms to advertise in a more personal setting.

•  Bank products and services programs
•  Gas pump advertising
•  Restaurant menu boards

Make your message stand out with in-motion messaging!
Visitors need information and digital signage is the most effective way to provide them with that information. Utilizing digital signage in public displays allows you to communicate your corporate message and create a more personal experience for your visitors.

Convention centers, arenas, shopping malls and transportation hubs all have similar communication goals in mind. They want to highlight the different areas of their facility while providing directional messaging to show visitors how to get there. The
Dmedia software suite provides a variety of products that not only communicate the great features of your environment, but also offer useful directional and informational messaging as well.